Is it a Klaus Schulze mp3?

Klaus Schulze faq
Version 2.2 - March, 2007
  Lots of Schulze aficionados are hoping to find a rare gem on the net, but not all Klaus Schulze files you can find with the popular p2p applications are for real...
There are a lot of badly/wrongly named files out there.
I'll try to maintain a list here to avoid useless, disappointing or confusing downloads.
Klaus Schulze - A Man Has Landed1.Mp3
  This mp3 is not a Klaus Schulze track but Smariusz with 'a man has landed' from the album 'getherum - (the beast of)'.
Klaus Schulze - Bill Nelson Crimsworth.mp3
  No Klaus Schulze, but an excerpt from the album 'Crimsworth (Flowers, Stones, Fountains And Flames)' from Bill Nelson.
Klaus Schulze - Das Boot (Original soundtrack).mp3
  It certainly is a Klaus, but not Schulze! This is Klaus Doldinger with the soundtrack from the movie 'Das Boot'.
Klaus Schulze - Dune - 03 - Robot Fight.mp3
  Klaus Schulze has nothing to do with this one. It's Toto with 'Robot Fight' from the soundtrack of the Science Fiction movie 'Dune'.
Klaus Schulze - Gladiator - main Theme Trance.mp3
  No Schulze... It's Enya!
Klaus Schulze - Life in Ecstasy.mp3
  File size: 16.897.476 bytes. This file has a wrong name. It is 'La Présence d’Ésprit' from Silver Edition (CD 9).
Klaus Schulze - Mahoroba world colours.mp3
  This is actually Mahoroba with 'World Colours' (05:37) from the 2CD-set 'The World Of Chill Out'. Klaus Schulze is present on the same CD-set with 'Serenade In Blue'.
Klaus Schulze - Prophecy Theme.mp3
  File size: 4.181.534 bytes. This one really is Brian Eno's 'Prophecy Theme' from the movie 'Dune'. (Thanks Mihnea Vasilescu!)
Klaus Schulze - Sanjiva - Klaus Upside Down Under The Indian Sea(1).mp3
  File size: approx. 82.610.176 bytes
Actually this is 'Led Zeppelin III, the entire album'.
(Klaus Schulze - Ultimate Edition CD07) - The Music Box.mp3
  File size: 95.069.646 bytes. Time 1:19:13.
Not Klaus Schulze but some DJ with 'the music of the future'...
Manhunter - Klaus Schulze [02] - Coelocanth (Shriekback).mp3
  Klaus Schulze only performed 'Freeze' on the Manhunter soundtrack, 'Coelocanth' is performed by Shriekback.
Windy Times 2.mp3
  This is 'Weird Caravan' from 'Dig It'.
Windy Times 3.mp3
  Actually this is the real 'Windy Times' from 'Contemporary Works 1' (CD 10).
There are also a lot of songs from the German Christian band 'Schulze' available. Even major sites like MusicMatch and Yahoo! Shopping credit these songs to Klaus Schulze. They're not!
The following titles come from the Schulze album 'Schwarz Oder Weiß' :
Diese Stille Lebt; Du Fehlst Mir So Sehr; Es Tut So Gut; Freunde (Wann Immer du Mich Brauchst); Guten Abend, Gute Nacht; Ich Komm Nich Mehr Zurück; Kindergebet (1000 Meilen); Küß Mich; Reise Unter Deine Haut; Rosalie; Schwarz Oder Weiß; Schwerelos; Sie Hält Irgendwie Die Zeit An; Sie Liebt Mich, Sie Liebt Mich Nicht; Was Ist Passiert & Wenn Ich Lieben Würde.
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