Klaus Schulze faq
Version 2.2 - March, 2007
1. Foreword
  Just a few notes about this FAQ...

There are already some sources of information about KS available on the internet. We don't want to copy their contents; the aim of this FAQ is just to structure some information or to be an entry point for people who are just beginning to enjoy KS' music.

Consider this FAQ being a "fan" publication. The "official" information about Klaus Schulze is available in Klaus D. Mueller's "Klaus Schulze - The Works" and in his newsletter "The KS circle".
2. Disclaimer
  Copyright 2007 for this FAQ by Volkmar Friauf, Cologne, Germany and Jan R. Kloosterman, Leek, The Netherlands. No part of this FAQ may be reproduced without written permission of the authors.
This FAQ is unofficial, of course. It is intended for private or educational use only.

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3. Sources
  For being valuable sources of information, we have to list the following:
  Klaus D. Mueller, "Klaus Schulze - The Works", Berlin/Germany
  Klaus D. Mueller, "Ashra - The Works", Berlin/Germany
  Klaus D. Mueller's "The KS Circle" newsletter
  Manikin Records' catalogue
  Olaf Leitner, "Rockszene DDR", Reinbek/Germany 1983
  Michael Schwinn (ed.), "Klaus Schulze - Eine musikalische Gratwanderung", Neustadt/Germany 1986
  These friendly persons added information to the FAQ:
  Jerry Stamatopoulos
© 2007 Volkmar Friauf / Jan R. Kloosterman