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Klaus Schulze faq
Version 2.2 - March, 2007
1. Books about Klaus Schulze
  There are many books that mention Klaus Schulze, but only two are focussed on him and his music.
  a. Klaus Schulze - The Works
    This book contains the "official" discography, lots of background information, concert and interview listings, and many more. It is written by KS' "helping hand" Klaus D. Mueller, and can only be purchased directly from him, not from bookstores. The book is updated regularly, so please contact KDM for actual information about it.

"Klaus Schulze - The Works" is written in English.
A copy is available for € 30 (for subscribers of The KS Circle) or € 40 (for non-subscribers) in Germany and Europe. Other countries (air mail) € 50.

Write to:
Klaus D. Mueller
Dessauerstr. 13
D-12249 Berlin

Phone : +49-30-7734958
Fax : +49-30-7726155

  b. Klaus SCHULZE "Un saut dans l'inconnu..."
    A 160 page book about Klaus Schulze in French by Dominique ROUX.
The second edition is now available.

- France: 25 euros (frais de port compris),
- Rest of Europe: 27 euros (shipping charges included),
- Japan, Canada, USA, and other countries: 29 euros (shipping charges included)

More info on the website of the author.
  c. Klaus Schulze - Eine musikalische Gratwanderung
    This is a more biographic publication, with the early seventies as focus point. It contains some statements from Bernd Kistenmacher, John Palmer, Manuel Goettsching, Rainer Bloss, Klaus D. Mueller, as well as from Klaus Schulze himself, plus photos and reprints from newspaper articles about KS.

The book has been published in 1986, and its discography is quite outdated. It is written in German language and should be available via bookstores or the publisher.

Michael Schwinn (ed.)
Klaus Schulze - eine musikalische Gratwanderung
First printing, Neustadt/Germany 1986
ISBN 3-925077-04-9 / 3925077049

Certain parts of the book have been translated to English and are published in "The KS Circle" (see below).

2. The Klaus Schulze Newsletter
  Since August 1995, Klaus D. Mueller publishes "The KS Circle", a newsletter for journalists and other interested people. The basic intention of this newsletter is to give information about upcoming albums and concerts, but it also contains other KS- related news, reviews, short record-swap ads, and reprints of press articles and interviews.
Starting with issue 2, there are also english translations of some articles from the book "Klaus Schulze - Eine musikalische Gratwanderung" (see above) contained.

A one-year-subscription of the newsletter is available for DM 30,- (Europe and Germany) or DM 60,- (rest of the world). For this fee, you will receive at least six newsletters with at least six to eight pages each. (If more pages or newsletters are published, there will be no additional costs).

Write to:
P.O.E.M. Musikverlag
Klaus D. Mueller
Kurfuerstenstrasse 24
D-12249 Berlin, Germany
Fax: +49-30-772 61 55
3. Internet sources
  Here is a (very short) list of Klaus Schulze pages:
  a. The unofficial Klaus Schulze discography
    Actually, this is the web page from which you should have received this FAQ. A KS discography can also be found here.
  b. The official Klaus Schulze website
  c. SPV
    The German record company.
  d. The Klaus Schulze page on Wikipedia
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