Cover Virtual Outback
Cover: Bildkombinat
Virtual Outback
22 February 2008
1 The Theme: The rhodes elegy
2 Chinese Ears
Recorded: 2001/2002 at Moldau Studio, Hamb├╝hren.
First Release: September 2002, on Rainhorse Records (RHMR 200014)
Performed by: Klaus Schulze (electronics, keyboards, guitar), Wolfgang Tiepold (cello), Thomas Kagermann (arabian flute, violin, vocals), Julia Messenger (vocals), Audrey Motaung (vocals), Tobias Becker (oboe, english horn), Mickes (guitar)
In 2002 Klaus Schulze released his box set series 'Contemporary Works II'. Virtual Outback is the first of the 5-CD set, which is sold out for a long time.