Cover United States 83
United States 83 (bootleg)
1 Sequence one
2 Sequence two
3 Finale
Recorded: 29 November 1992, Royal Festival Hall, London
First Release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
This is not a recording from a 1983 US concert (Klaus Schulze never played in the USA), but from the 1992 London concert. The official recording from that concert is available as
'Royal Festival Hall', Vols. 1 & 2, with much better sound quality, but no such 'concert athmosphere' (applauding, coughing, etc.) as on 'United States '83'.

The release date of 'US 83' is often given as 1992, which is not correct, probably because a
judgement passed by the European Supreme Court in 1993 that led to the fact that bootlegs made in or after 1993 are "definitely" illegal, whereas bootlegs made earlier are only "quite" illegal (so the release date of the bootleg probably has been incorrectly to prevent legal consequences).