Coverdesign: Klaus D. Müller / Cordes. Photo by Weisser
Richard Wahnfried: Tonwelle
01 March 1981
1 Schwung [Momentum]
2 Druck [Pressure]
* Angry Young Boys
* Rich Meets Max
Recorded: 1981, Winsen
Releases: 01 March 1981, LP on Innovative Communications (KS 80.006)
  1990, CD on Innovative Communications (IC 710.095)
  02 January 2001, CD on Orchard
Performed by: Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching (guitar), "Karl Wahnfried" (guitar), Michael Shrieve (drums) & Michael Garvens (vocals)
* The CD also has two bonus tracks from 'Megatone', with additional guests Harald Katzsch on guitar, Axel Glenn Müller on sax and Uli Schober on drums.

An excerpt of 'Druck' (03:45) was also released on single (with 'Time Actor' (03:59).
'Druck' also appeared on 'Slumberland, Episode Two' (track 8).