Cover Timewind
Coverpainting: Urs Amman
August 1975
1 Bayreuth Return
2 Wahnfried 1883
Recorded: March/June 1975, Berlin. 'Bayreuth Return' was recorded live on two-track tape on June 3 (between 10 pm and midnight)
First release: August 1975, on Brain (1075) and Virgin
UK: 1975, LP on Caroline (CA2006)
  4 October 1994, part of 3 CD-set on Caroline
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
The album is dedicated to Richard Wagner.
'Timewind' was awarded an international price, the French 'Grand Prix International du Disque 1976, which in the 3 years before had gone to Soft Machine, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd (the fact that Edgar Froese's "Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale" was the runner-up but didn't get the award led to some resentment between Klaus and Edgar Froese). In Germany the LP received the 'Deutscher Schallplattenpreis'.

'Bayreuth Return' also appeared on 'Galaxy, Vol. 2' (1990, CD on Innovative).
'Wahnfried 1883' also appeared on ' Classic Electronica' (2001, CD on Big Eye. CD 2, track 5).
'Wahnfried 1883' also appeared on ' Electronica Classix' (1999, on Alpha Wave. CD 1, track 5).
'Wahnfried 1883' also appeared on ' This Is Space [Box Set]' (1997, on Cleopatra. CD 3, track 5). 'Wahnfried 1883' also appeared on ' Space Daze 2000' (1996, on Cleopatra. CD 1, track 5)