Home studio with Günther Schickert, Hambühren (bootleg)
26 September 1975
1 Part I
2 Part II
3 Part III
4 Part IV
Recorded: 26 September 1975, Hambuhren.
First Release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze (Electronics) & Günther Schickert (Acoustic Guitar, voice)
Günther Schickert was Klaus Schulze's roadie during the Itallian/Swiss concerts in November 1975 and also assisted in the production of the second Far East Family Band LP. Occasionally he jammed with Klaus Schulze just for fun.

In 1973 Schikert founded the trio GAM (named after the first letter in the forenames of the members) with Axel Struck and Michael Aleska. This group never made any records, but a cassette release, GAM 1976 (released 1986), contained demo tapes for a possible album. Schickert recorded his first solo album 'Samtvogel' and released it privately in 1974 (Brain re-released it in 1975). Here he presented his personal ideas, which were surprisingly similar to Manuel Gottsching's Inventions For Electric Guitar - a 'cosmic' electronic music created exclusively by an electric guitar. Schickert and Gottsching didn't know about each other's projects until years later. Later he released 'Überfallig' (1979), 'Kinder der Wildnis' (1983) and 'Somnambul' (1994).

Günther Schickert was actually pictured on the rear sleeve of 'Moondawn'.