Cover Code III: Planet of Man
Code III: Planet of Man
1 Formations / The genesis
2 Dawn of an era
3 Countdown
4 Phoenix rising
Recorded: March-May 1974
Releases: 1974, LP on Delta Acustic (25-125-1)
  2001, CD on Won-Sin Records
Performed by: Manfred Schunke (instruments, electronic effects, sounds, vocals), Ed Key (vocals, instruments), Mary Key (vocals), Apama Chakravarti (vocals, tamboura, harmonium) & Klaus Schulze (drums)
Code III was a project by Manfred Schunke, Ed Key and Klaus Schulze. Klaus Schulze offered a helping hand with the artificial head stereo mix and some drumming. The album is very experimental and weird.
The album was released on Delta Acustic, a short-lived, minor label releasing productions made with the artificial head stereo system, offering a unique stereo effect when listening to the music via headphones.