Front cover - Design: ?
De Vereeniging, Nijmegen - 'Floating Live'
21 November 1982
1 Mindphaser
  Actually 'Winsen 2'
2 Floating
  Actually 'Winsen 1'
Recorded: De Vereeniging, Nijmegen 21 November 1981
First release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze & Manuel Göttsching
Inlaycard states : 'Recorded Live in De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, November 21, 1982'.
The two tracks on this CD sound musically like the recording from the Nijmegen concert from the 1981 tour, but neither "Floating" nor "Mindphaser" was performed then. The music played at De Vereeniging got the "Winsen" titles. The sound of this CD is also very different from the official recording of Klaus D. Müller, as for instance on his recording a high frequency rythm (hi-hat) was played and heard during long parts of Winsen 1 (track 2 on CD) which is not at all audible on the CD. This is because the main frequency range of the CD is from approx. 80 to under 4 kHz only.
About 5 minutes from the beginning as well as at least 5 minutes from the finale of Klaus' and Manuel's playing of Winsen 1 is also not included on this CD - which is (according to kdm) "a musical barbarism". The "ending" of Winsen 1 on the CD is faked ! The title Winsen 2 (track 1 on the CD) is complete.