VHS cover - Design: ?
Next of Kin (soundtrack)
December 1982
1 Legacy
  = Death Of An Analogue from 'Dig It'
2 Montclare
  = Georg Trakl from 'X"
3 In the forest
4 Memories
5 Nightmare
6 Mistery
7 The House
Recorded: ?
First Release: ?
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
Soundtrack for an Australian horror movie directed by Tony Williams. Starring Jackie Kerin, John Jarratt, Alex Scott, Gerda Nicolson, Charles McCallum, Bernadette Gibson.
Also known as: Montclare: Rendez-vous de l'horreur.

About the movie:
At the age of 24 Linda Stevens returns to inherit Montclare, the old family home run by her mother as a retirement home for the aged. Something deep in her memory seems to be triggered merely by being back in the house, where strange things start to happen: taps turn themselves on in her bathroom. The lights go out - not by accident.
Someone listens to her telephone calls. She feels she is being watched. What is going on at Montclare? As unrest gives way to mounting terror, Linda turns to her mother's diaries for answers, and discovers a horrifying correlation between the events which threatens her sanity and those which killed her mother.
There is something evil in this house...
...she should never have returned.

Thanks to Cassian for the additional info.