Cover Moondawn - The Original Master
Coverdesign: kdm
Moondawn - The Original Master
1 Floating
2 Mindphaser
3 Supplement
Recorded: January 1976, Frankfurt
First Release: 1995 CD re-release on Manikin Records (MRCD 7009)
Performed by: Klaus Schulze (ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, Farfisa Professional Organ, Farfisa Syntorchestra, EMS Synthi A, Crumar Keybords, Sequenzer Synthanorma 3-12, and for the first time : The Big Moog) & Harald Grosskopf (drums)
All CD versions of 'Moondawn' (except for one) do not contain the original mix. When 'Moondawn' was first released on CD, Klaus remixed the tracks due to flaws in the original master tapes. Also, both pieces had several seconds edited off of them. In 1995 original master tapes from kdm´s archives were used for 'Moondawn - The Original Master'.
The Original Master version also includes a bonus track titled 'Supplement' which is an early version of 'Mindphaser' (only the sound effects, organ and drums) .