Cover Mirage (2005)

Coverdesign: Island Records

Mirage (re-release)
31 January 2005
1 Velvet Voyage
  1 1984
  2 Aeronef
  3 Eclipse
  4 Evasion
  5 Lucidinterspace
  6 Destination Void
2 Crystal Lake
  1 Xylotones
  2 Cromwaves
  3 Willowdreams
  4 Liquid Mirrors
  5 Springdance
  6 A bientot
3 In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede?
  Bonus. First release (excerpt) on 'Trailer'
Recorded: January 1977, Hambühren and Frankfurt
Release: 31 January 2005, CD on Revisited Records (SPV 085-304032)
First Release: April 1977, LP on Brain (60.040) and Island
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
Subtitle: 'An Electronic Winter Landscape'. Dedicated to Hans Dieter Schulze.

In 2004, Klaus Schulze got back the rights for his solo-albums from Universal, Zyx, WEA and Virgin (France). He then handed them over to the German record company SPV. Mirage is part of the first four re-releases.

There where some complaints about a dropout at 02:58 in Velvet Voyage and some glitches in Crystal Lake (at 02:25 and 03:08). Revisited Records fixed that in the next edition.