Flyer KickZone '99
The flyer.
'KickZone', Müngersdorfer Schwimmstadion, Köln, Germany (bootleg)
21 August 1999
1 An electronic heatwave
2 The dub side of the Solar Moon
  Solar Moon featuring Klaus Schulze
Recorded: 21 August 1999, Müngersdorfer Schwimmstadion, Köln, Germany
First Release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze & Solar Moon Soundsystem
Forty other acts were signed for this festival, mostly DJs who performed their techno music on four stages for an audience of 15.000. Klaus was scheduled for 11.30PM, but appeared at 0.45PM. He gave an excellent performance from around the Contemporary Works I set.
There also was a combined performance of Klaus Schulze with the Colonian DJ/Musician collective 'Solar Moon'.