Cover Ash Ra Tempel: Join Inn
The album, coverdesign: Günter Gritzner
Ash Ra Tempel: Join Inn
10 April 1973
1 Freak'n'Roll
2 Jenseits
Recorded: December 1972, Stommeln
First release: 10 April 1973, LP on Ohr (OMM 556032)
Performed by: Manuel Göttsching (guitars), Hartmut Enke (bass), Klaus Schulze (drums, Farfisa organ, Synthi A), Rosi Müller (voice)
This album was recorded in one night. Not meant as a revival, but simply sociably playing together. After recording 'Join Inn', Klaus played a short while with Ash Ra Tempel again, among other things a couple of concerts. But both playing with Ash Ra Tempel and having a solo career was too much. He left again. When also Hartmut Enke suddenly left ART, Manuel Göttsching was the only member left.