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Klaus Schulze: Contemporary Works on Hearts of Space radio show
17 January 2003
"Easy Listening" (edited) < 0:00->9:52 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 2; Rainhorse/Manikin RHMR200014; Germany 2002
-- on disc 5: 'Cocooning'
Available in the U.S. through Eurock Records: Info:;;;
"Windy Times" (edited) < 9:52->13:16 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 1; Rainhorse/Manikin RHMR200010; Germany 2000
-- on disc 10: 'Adds & Edits'
Available in the U.S. through Eurock Records: Info:;;;
U.S.O. (Klaus Schulze with members of Solar Moon System)
"Privee" (part) < 13:16->18:22 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 1; see above -- on disc 4: 'Privee'
"And She is Kind and Gentle" < 18:22->30:19 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 2; see above -- on disc 5: 'Cocooning'
"My Ty She" (part) < 30:19->41:33 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 1; see above -- on disc 8: 'Ballett 3'
"From Words to Silence" (part) < 41:33->53:53 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 1; see above -- on disc 1: 'Vanity of Sounds'
  WAHNFRIED (Klaus Schulze)
"Aphrodesire" (part) < 53:53->58:20 >
: CONTEMPORARY WORKS 1; see above -- on disc 3: 'Trance 4 Motion'
Produced by: Steve Davis and Stephen Hill, with assistance from Archie Patterson of Eurock
Narrated by: Stephen Hill
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
PGM NOTE : new work by the dean of German electronic spacemusic
© 2003 Hearts of Space

"It's been more then 30 years since the German genius for music and technology encountered psycho-active chemistry, at the end of the 1960's. The rest, as they say, is history. But when that history is finally written, the name of one musician will dominate the tale. Klaus Schulze was there from the very beginning, starting as a drummer in a psychedelic rockgroup. Then embracing electronics, when the first synthesizers arrived in Germany. He was a member of both of the seminal German electronic groups, Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream. Then headed off on a solo career, perhaps more than any single composer he developed a musical language for electronic space music that's become so prevasive and influentual, it's now part of the environment. And since the early 1970's his music has been one of the foundations of the sound of this programme. I'm Stephen Hill, and on this transmission of 'Hearts of Space', we bring our long love affair with the music of Klaus Schulze up to date on a programme called 'Klaus Schulze - Contemporary Works'.
Long careers in popular music are rare. Long and prolific careers are exceptional, but the output of Klaus Schulze has been so extraordinary that even his most dedicated fans are often overwhelmed. By 2001 his discography included 35 solo-albums, some 36 collaborations, and a group of monumental retrospective box-sets ranging from 10 to 50 albums each. The new millenium has not deminished his creativity. In 2000 he released a new 10-CD set called 'Contemporary Works 1', and then followed it up in 2002 with a 5-disc set, called 'Contemporary Works 2'.
As you can see, the problem in bringing you Klaus Schulze is not one of supply, but rather of selection from an overflowing fountain of new music. All the music of this programme is taken from 'Contemporary Works 1 and 2'. The deep-focus electronic images, the sense of flying, floating, cruising, majesticly through space, the soulful tones of the cello, English horn, oboe and guitar, the entrancing cyclic rythms, all combined to make this music a distinctive and satisfying experience.
Klaus Schulze - Contemporary Works, on this transmission of 'Hearts of Space'."