Cover Lord Krishna von Goloka
Coverdesign: Willemsen + Geitner, Studio für Werbung + Gestaltung, Köln.
Photo's: Marcel Fugère.
Sergius Golowin: Lord Krishna von Goloka
1 Der Reigen
  (J. Berkers, J. Dollase, J. Mierke, W. Westrupp, B. Witthuser, K. Schulze; S. Golowin)
2 Die Weiße Alm
  (J. Dollase; S. Golowin)
3 Die Hoch Zeit
  (J. Berkers, J. Dollase, J. Mierke, W. Westrupp, B. Witthuser, K. Schulze; S. Golowin)
Recorded: 1972/1973, Stommeln
Release: 1973, on Ohr, Kosmische Kuriere (KK 58 002)
  1996, CD on Spalax
Performed by: Sergius Golowin (spoken word), Jerry Berkers (bass & guitars, bongos & vocals), Jürgen Dollase (piano, mellotron, vibraphone, triangle & guitar), Jorg Mierke (e.guitar, organ, percussion, spoken word & vocals, flute, electronics & congas), Klaus Schulze (drums & percussion, organ, mellotron, guitars & electronics), Walter Westrupp (acoustic guitar, flute, mouth-organ, South Cambodian windchimes, psalter, tablas & percussion) & Bernd Witthuser (acoustic guitar)
Sergius Golowin (1930-2006) was a Swiss poet/writer/painter (responsible for the original cover painting of Ash Ra Tempel's Seven Up) and a friend of Walter Wegmuller. The sessions for this concept album in late 1972 were (arguably) the start of all the Cosmic Jokers-related sessions between 1973 and 1974. It brought Wallenstein together with Klaus Schulze and Witthuser & Westrupp. The Lord Krishna von Goloka album really sounds like a cross between the styles of the participating musicians (the cue word here is "space"!): Floyd-like space rock (Wallenstein), electronic spacious effects (Klaus Schulze) and traces of cosmic folk (Witthuser & Westrupp). Add that to the talents of a certain Jorg Mierke and the mostly spoken, mysterious lyrics of Golowin, you've got the album in a nutshell.