Freilichtbühne 'Junge Garde', Dresden (bootleg)
05 August 1989
  Tracks unknown to me (got info?)
Recorded: 05 August 1989, Freilichtbühne 'Junge Garde', Dresden
First Release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
In connection with the German youth radio DT64 and the 'Interessengemeinschaft electronic music' (IGEM), the third "Electronics Live" Festival was set up. The festival took place at Freilichtbühne (Open-air stage) "Junge Garde" in Dresden. There where four acts invited: from the GDR 'Pond' and 'Servi', two local groups, and from the West as main act Klaus Schulze and Bernd Kistenmacher. There were approximately 6800 visitors, not only fans from the GDR, but also from Belgium, The Netherlands and West Germany.