Cover of the 1987 UK CD release
Tangerine Dream: Electronic Meditation
June 1970
1 Geburt
2 Reise Durch Ein Brennendes Gehirn
  Journey Through A Burning Brain
3 Kalter Rauch
  Cold Smoke
4 Asche Zu Asche
  Ashes To Ashes
5 Auferstehung
Recorded: October 1969, Mixed Media (Berlin)
Germany: June 1970, LP on Ohr (OMM 56004)
1971 on Ohr (OMM 56004)
UK: 1987, CD on Jive (C TANG 4)
Japan: 1970, LP on EMI Odeon (EOP-80618)
Performed by: Edgar Froese, Claus Schultze, Conrad (Conny) Schnitzler, Jimmy Jackson, Thomas Keyserling
Klaus Schulze met Edgar Froese and Conrad Schnitzler late 1969 when he played with Psy Free. Froese, Schnitzler and Schulze formed the line-up of Tangerine Dream to record the debut album Electronic Meditation. Conny Schnitzler played cello, violin, guitar and Adiator. Claus Schultze (mark the 'C' and 'tz'!) played drums, whips, metal bars and burning parchment. The band was supported by two other musicians: Jimmy Jackson (organ) and Thomas Keyserling (flute), but both were not mentioned on the credits of the original album.

In 1996, the CD-version was re-released again (Essential/Castle - ESM CD 345). For this release the music was digitally remastered from the original tapes.