Cover Dig It
Cover: Klaus Schulze / Claus Cordes / Michael Weisser
Dig It (re-release)
18 April 2005
1 Death of an Analogue
2 Weird Caravan
3 The Looper isn't a Hooker
4 Synthasy
5 Esoteric Goody
  Bonus track
  Klaus Schulze - Live. "Stahlsinfonie" ("Symphony of Steel")
  Bonus DVD!
Recorded: May to September 1980, Hambühren.
Release: 18 April 2005, CD on Revisited Records (SPV 089-304082)
First Release: 31 October 1980, on Brain (811 632-2).
Performed by: Klaus Schulze & Fred Severloh (drums).

In 2004, Klaus Schulze got back the rights for his solo-albums from Universal, Zyx, WEA and Virgin (France). He then handed them over to the German record company SPV.
Dig It is part of the second 4 re-releases by SPV.
As a surprise it is accompanied with a region code free DVD with the opening concert for ARS Electronica in the Brucknerhaus in Linz (08 September 1980).