Cover Galactic Supermarket
The Cosmic Jokers: Galactic Supermarket
1 Kinder des Alls
    Kinder des Alls A      
    Kinder des Alls B      
    Kinder des Alls C      
2 Galactic Supermarket
    Galactic Supermarket A      
    Galactic Supermarket B      
    Galactic Supermarket C
Recorded: February to May 1973, Stommeln
First release: 1974, LP on Ohr Kosmische Kuriere (KS 58.010)
1994, CD on Spalax (14292)
Europe: 1974, Discover Cosmic, the Klaus Schulze Sessions on Kosmische Kuriere/Ohr (940115/16)
Performed by: Dieter Dierks (bass), Jürgen Dollase (keyboards, vocals), Manuel Göttsching (electric guitar), Harald Großkopf (drums), Klaus Schulze (synthesizers), Gille Lettmann , Rosi Müller (vocals)
'The Cosmic Jokers' and 'Galactic Supermarket' were released as 'The Klaus Schulze Sessions' in France. It didn't make Klaus very happy.