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Barracuda - The Lucifer Project (soundtrack)
  Gewitter (Thunderstorm)
  Released on 'Historic Edition' (CD 4, track 4).
Recorded: 1978
First Release: -
Performed by: Klaus Schulze
In 1978 Klaus flew to Florida to watch the making of the horror/SF movie 'Barracuda' by director Harry E. Kerwin for which he was asked to compose the soundtrack. The movie 'starred': Wayne David Crawford, Jason Evers, Roberta Leighton, William Kerwin, Bert Freed & Cliff Emmich.

The plot: Mike (David Crawford), a crusader biologist, is arrested in Palm Grove, Florida for trespassing, but then joins with the friendly sheriff (William Kerwin) to investigate what local industrial pollution has to do with deadly barracuda attacks. Dr. Snow (Jason Evers) turns out to be the one experimenting on fish and papa Jack (Bert Freed) owns the chemical plant. What at first seems like another JAWS copy (it has underwater attack scenes directed by Crawford), gets nuttier as we find out it’s all part of a plot by the government to “make people welcome war.” Hitmen agents kill reporters, innocent bystanders - and the heroes.