Cover Ballett 3
Coverdesign: Stefan Rose
Ballett 3 (Deluxe edition)
27 April 2007
1 My ty she
2 Schauer der Vorwelt
Recorded: 1998-2000
Release: 27 April 2007, CD on Revisited Records
First release: 30 October 2000, on Rainhorse Records (RHMR 200010)
Performed by: Klaus Schulze (electronics), Wolfgang Tiepold (cello), Thomas Kagermann (flute, violin, vocals) Tobias Becker (oboe), Tom Dams (vocals, atmos), Julia Messenger (vocals)
On 1 October 2000 Klaus Schulze launched a new label: Rainhorse (a sublabel of Manikin Record). The label started with the release of the 10-CD Boxed-Set 'Contemporary Works 1', which contained new studio recordings.
Ballett 1 is CD 8 from 'Contemporary Works 1'